2016 Vintage Bordeaux from the Union Des Grands Crus Bordeaux

January 24, 2019

2016 Vintage Union Des Grands Crus Bordeaux WelcomeOn January 21, 2019 the weather may have been in single digits in New York City but in a room full of 2016 vintage Bordeaux wines, it was hot.

Members of the Union Des Grands Crus de Bordeaux brought sample bottles of the 2016 vintage to share a taste. Over 130 Chateaus were present with over140 wines to taste from.

However there is a disappointment for those wines that are Cabernet Sauvignon dominant. It was not the best year for the growth of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Quality grapes were reduced and resulting in less Cabernet Sauvignon being found in many of the blends. Merlot and Cabernet Franc came to the aid of the blends.

Favorite Wine IS coming next.




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