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Tell us what your Favorite Wine is by completing the form on the right sidebar.

Your favorite wine may have been made in a certain vintage year or it can be a non vintage (NV) wine that does not a have a year associated with it. Your favorite wine may be any and all years that you have tasted. You may have a favorite wine in the Summer,Fall,Winter or in the Spring time.

You may have a favorite wine with your steak or oysters or whatever food you enjoy.

Is there a favorite wine with that family holiday dinner?

We all favor people and things. We just do not spend a lot of time on those decisions.

Now, what is your favorite wine?

Tips on Completing the Form

The name of a wine can be very short or very long as in French Burgundy and German wines for example and therfore we are providing two lines for the description.

How/Where was wine tasted is asking about how did you find your favorite wine.

Did you go to a wine shop and buy the bottle?

Did you drink this wine at a restaurant or bar?

Did you receive this wine as a gift?

Did you experience this wine at wine tasting?

Did you discover this wine being served at a party?

Other comments is for you to share anthing else that you want to say about your Favorite Wine. If this is the one and truly favorite wine, let us know in this comment box.

Your name and e-mail address that we request will not be published on this website without obtaining your permission first.

We will publish on a separate webpage, those submissions where two or more wine lovers have the same Favorite Wine. An ID number will be assigned and published with their City,State and Country information.





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