Critical Wine Reviews NR

These wine reviews are to asist you in selecting/finding wines and styles that you are most likely to enjoy. Here you will find wine reviews that do not include subjective ratings. 90/100, 4 stars out of 5 stars, 17.5/20 does not help you enjoy the wine.

As much as wine tasting is subjective because everyone’s palate is different, ratings can be biased in many ways.

When you learn what you like, then you will find yourself not relying upon another persons rating scores. As a benefit, you will find more value priced wines.   

You will find woven into the reviews, information for you to decide if this is a wine for yourself. Some people like a very buttery chardonnay, other prefer less or no buttery flavors in their chardonnay. This situation can affect a reviewers rating.

These notes are to help guide you in deciding if that sounds like a wine that you would enjoy. The review /analysis is from how the wine is presenting itself and not my personal preferences.

Following along with the theme of this website, the more wine lovers share what their favorite wines are here on this website, the more everyone can learn from each others palates. So tell us a favorite wine of yours today. Over here it is OK to be a smart kitty and be finicky about what your favorite wines are.


Some wine reviews may include some background information about the winery or the wine.

Wine descriptions that do not include a note about the color of the wine is because at the time of the tasting there was inappropriate lighting to accurately determine the color.

Wine descriptions that do not include any pictures are due to poor lighting or the bottle was not available for the photo op.

The date included at the end of each review denotes the month and year that the wines were tasted.




















































































































































































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