Wine Pairing with a Twist is introducing wine pairing with a twist. The twist is not what wines pair with certain foods but to pair wines with their fans.

With so many wines produced each year from each country, how many wine drinkers actually have the same Favorite Wine?

If my Favorite Wine is 1929 Chateau Latour and that is your Favorite Wine, then there is a high probability that other wines that I highly enjoy could be enjoyed by you and conversely.

We can trust each others judgement on wines that we have tasted and enjoyed.

We have empowered ourselves as wine critics amongst our Favorite Wine pairing friends. Our Favorite Wine pairing friends are not being told what to drink by total strangers, there is no numerical score prejudicing their tastes and buying decisions and there is a reinforecement of confidence in making wine purchasing decisions.

Share with us on the the world wide web, your Favorite Wines.

Let us find a Favorite Wine pairing by completing the Favorite Wine Form on the right.

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