What is Your Favorite Wine and Why?

The more you know about wine the better you are able to answer this question. If you walk into a Mega Mart food and wine store and felt overwhelmed than the store has done its job. Everyone has different tastes and they are accommodating their huge customer base with wine for everyone. What they are not doing is helping you figure out which wines are for your tastes.

With so many choices and prices, the first thing we all think about is how much is that bottle going to cost me. We accept that our 12 oz can of Coca Cola costs us 35cents in the same Mega Mart, but how can a bottle of wine start costing more than 25 times this amount.

For the answer of how do they make Coca Cola, please go to their website at

To start learning about the World of Wine and how you fit in it, click on the name of a Country where you want to start learning about their wines. Each country is going to have its different grapes with it’s own different taste charateristics. The grape varietal Sangioves tastes like a Chianti wine when from Chianti Italy but the Sangiovese grape grown in California tastes different. Lets start our journey.

This website is like a Fine Wine

It starts with the blank page of a new vineyard. The words are planted on the page and the bunches of words are formed. As time goes by, the bunches grow in size and more color appears. Then there is a fermentation process followed by bottling the words on the page. The next step is the ageing process. Over time this website will change from its original youthfulness and start developing complexities and become a mature Fine Wine website.



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