Domaine Mussy Pommard Epenots

May 28, 2019

Domaine Mussy estate farms 6 hectares and about two thirds are Premier Cru vineyards. This 1990 is a Premier Cru from the appellation of Pommard Epenots.

As we can see in this image, the wine is showing it age with fading along its edges and having a brilliant brickish color.

This 1990 Domaine Mussy Pommard Epenots Premier Crus is perfumey on the nose. There are mushrooms, strawberry and other red fruits and a tinge of a minty note. On the palate there is strawberry jammyness, earthyness and dried fruits. On the finish we notice some gently melting tannins in its short finish.

Drinking well now.

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