Great Wines of Italy from James Suckling

March 7, 2018

Great Wines of Italy as selected by James Suckling are wines not to be missed.

James Suckling has created a list of his Top 100 Wines of 2017.

100 wines were selected from the over 3,500 wines tasted by James Suckling and his team of tasters. We had the opportunity to taste many of these top 100 wines and noticed that there was a dominance of Tuscan wines.

Overall, we are in agreement that these are Great Wines of Italy.  With only one wine in 2017 earning a perfect score of 100 points, we are calling this the My Favorite Wine Is Tua Rita Toscana Regaffi.

The top 7 of these Great Wines are:
  1. 2015 Tua Rita Toscana Redgaffi   100 Points
  2. 2013 Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo Cicala  99 Points
  3. 2015 Petrolol Valdarno di Sopra Galatrona  99 Points
  4. 2015 Fattoria Le Pupille Maremma Toscana Saffredi 99 Points
  5. 2015 Bibi Graetz Toscana Testamatta      99 Points
  6. 2015 Tenuta Sette Ponti Toscana Oreno    98 Points
  7. 2012 Livio Sassetti Brunello di Montalcino   98 Points


2015 Tua Rita Redigaffi Great Wine 2015 Petrolo Valdarno di Sopra Galatrona

2015 Fattoria Le Pupille Maremma Toscana Saffredi015 Tenuta Sette Ponti Toscana Oreno

2015 Bibi Graetz Toscana Testamatta


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