2014 Masi Campofiorin

March 12, 2018

Masi Campofiorin is a Venetian wine that introduces you to the flavors of

2014 Masi Campofiorin

2014 Masi Campofiorin

an Amarone. This is a great wine to try and get tempted to try an Amarone.

This wine is made from the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grape varieties which are also found in the Amarone’s from Masi.

Amarone is made from the above grapes but they are dried. they are dried for about 12 days and will look like raisins at that point. Moisture gone and just the sugar and flavor remains This Campofiorin is vinified and then re-fermented with a small percentage of semi-dried grapes ( 42 days of drying) of the same varieties.

The 2014 Masi Campofiorin  represents 50 years of making this wine. This is one of James Suckling’s choice of great Italian wines. He gave this a rating of 92/100. Enjoy this 2014 Campofiorin with some aged cheese.

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