Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar Pairing with Martinsancho Verdejo Wine

July 28,2015

2012 Martinsancho Verdejo Wine

Today we are pairing this wine with The 8th Pearl Caviar (Kaluga Hybrid Sturgeon) from Lady Elena Caviar.

This wine is made solely from the Verdejo grape variety from Rueda, Spain. The wine has a pale straw color with green tints. There are aromas of grapefruit pith, orange, peach and soft minerals. On the palate it is medium bodied with minerality and grapefruit and citrus. On the finish the fruits pickup a tropical note. The soft minerals follow through with a high acidic pleasant finish.

Lady Elena Caviar Pairing2012 Martinsancho Verdejo with Kaluga Caviar Pairing

The 8th Pearl Caviar (Kaluga Hybrid Sturgeon): As the wine coats your tongue the wine becomes more gentle and softer while cleansing the palate. A great caviar and wine pairing.


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