2012 Quinta Do Boicão Reserva White and Arinto / Pedernã Grape

August 15,2014

Arinto/ Pedernã Grape Variety of Portugal


Lisboa Wine Region

Wine Region of Lisboa

The Arinto gape variety is grown throughout Portugal but is mostly found in the Bucelas subregion of Lisboa which is just north of Lisbon at latitude of 39°. In the Vinho Verde region this variety is known as Pedernã. Arinto is a late ripening grape variety with lively acidity and minerality. With this lively acidity this Arinto variety finds its way into the sparkling wines of Portugal. The lively acidity also makes it a great blending grape for wines in warmer climate which produce low acid growing grapes such as in the Alentejo and Ribatejo regions.


Arinto Grape Variety of PortugalFrom a glass of Arinto you will mostly find aromas and flavors of apples, lemons and limes with some salty minerals that have a crisp finish. Another great wine for those light seafood dishes.

Quinta Do Boicão


Quinta Do Boicão is located about 26 miles north of Lisbon.

The vineyards are planted on clay and limestone soils. The Arinta grape variety is planted on clay soils and is from 25 year old vines. The vineyards have an oceanic climate of warm and dry summers and cold winters.

2012 Quinta Do Boicão Reserva White2012 Quinta Do Boicão Reserva White Arinto Portuguese White Wine

The wine has a pale straw color with green tints. There are aromas of fresh pears, apples, peaches with some salty minerals. On the palate this is a medium bodied plus wine with some spiciness mixed with all the fresh fruit. On the mouth watering finish, citrus notes appear with the spiciness. With the grapes starting fermentation in stainless steel tanks and the last 15 days of fermentation being performed in new French oak barrels, you can feel and taste the wines delicate complexities.



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