2012 Soalheiro Alvarinho and the Alvarinho Grape

August 19,2014

Alvarinhoalvarinho grape variety

This varietal is mostly found in the north western part of Portugal in the Vinho Verde region and planted in the northern part of the region in the sub regions of Moncão and Melgaco. With this varietal you will find it to be floral, with peaches, tropical and citrus fruits. The soils in this region are mainly granite which gives the Alvarinho its minerality.  It is a dry wine that has potential for ageing.


2012 Soalheiro Alvarinho2012 Soalheiro Alvarinho

This wine is from the vineyards of granite soils in the sub region of Vinho Verde of Melgaco at latitude of 42°. It is100% made from the Alvarinho grape variety. The wine has a pale straw color in the glass. There are aromas of fresh peaches with tropical fruits. On the palate the wine has a medium body feel with flowery sweet lychees. The wine finishes dry with floral tropical notes and mouth watering acidity. The 2012 Soallheiro is delicious as an aperitif or with light seafood dishes



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