Osetra Caviar Pairing with 2013 Boundary Breaks Riesling Wine

July 14,2015

2013 Boundary Breaks Riesling #239 from the Finger Lakes in New York State.

Today we are pairing this wine with O My Setra caviar (Russian Sturgeon Osetra) from Lady Elena Caviar.

The wine is 100% Riesling from clone #239. the wine has a11.6% ABV with.9% residual sugar. The wine has a pale straw color with green tints. There are aromas of stony minerals with lime and sweet apricot. On the palate it is lively with its biting acidity. There is a touch of sweetness here but balanced with the soft minerality. The finish is dry and minerally soft while filled with lime and mouth watering acidity. There is the right amount of sweetness to show some fruit in the wine while keeping the wine a dry Riesling.


Lady Elena Caviar PairingSONY DSC

O My Setra Caviar (Russian Sturgeon Osetra):The wine covers the palate and gives a clean follow through resulting in a cleansed palate and a bone dry finish. A good caviar and wine pairing.


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